Green Valentine

As most holidays, Valentine’s Day is not so green. There is a lot of waste, consumerism, and hype. What are some ways to avoid this? By giving handmade, local, organic, Fair Trade, and eco-friendly gifts.

Choose organic local flowers & Fair Trade organic chocolates. Most flowers for Valentine’s Day are mainly grown in other countries that use harmful chemicals and pesticides. Who wants to bring that into their home? If you’d like to give chocolate, please choose Fair Trade organic chocolate. Most of those mainstream heart shaped boxes of chocolate, come from unethical child labor cocoa fields. If you want to give jewelry, then please choose sustainable jewelry, such as: Christy Robinson, and on Etsy.

Green Valentine’s Gift Ideas:

• Make your gifts. Be creative and have fun. The recipient will feel special to receive a custom made gift.
• Shop at local craft fairs for unique handmade goods.
• Shop vintage, antique stores, and flea markets
• Instead of giving a material object, try giving them an experience such as a class, event tickets, a membership, spa or massage.
• Cook a meal at home along with some eco-friendly, local, organic wine. Light some soy candles to set the mood.
• If you are planning to give your Valentine a card, please consider recycled cards or plantable seed paper cards. Although, the best form of holiday cards are always e-cards.

Have a green Valentine’s Day!


Is Your Easter Candy Ethical?

Chocolate is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but for the children working in slavery conditions in cacao fields across West Africa’s Ivory Coast, the reality behind it is anything but sweet. Check out this great article: The bitter truth behind the chocolate in your Easter basket.

Haitian Spirit Recycled Steel Ornaments

I got these ornaments a couple years ago, and they are very nice quality craftsmanship. If you’re looking for some eco-friendly, handmade, ornaments, then these would add that special touch to your holiday decor.

“Every purchase of a fair-trade item from Haiti generates an extra donation to help Haitian artisans affected by the earthquake.”

“In Haiti, where recycled steel oil drums are a valuable source of metal, the artisans of Croix des Bouquets fashion amazing works of metal art that leave no carbon footprint. 55-gallon drums dumped there have been turned into art supplies by the residents since in the 1950s. They’re cut and purified with straw fires that burn out the residue. Once cleaned, the artisans use hammer and chisel to work them by hand, as the lack of electricity during the day makes power tools impossible. The result is greenest of green arts and the chicest of the eco-chic . . . and a keepsake entirely unique.”