What to do with old underwear?

The majority of people just toss their old skivvies in the trash and don’t think much of it. No one wants someone else wearing their underwear! What are the alternatives?

You could use your undies as old cleaning rags for filthy messes instead of paper towels. If in good condition, charity shops will accept old underwear so, don’t be embarrassed. They will donate them to get distributed to Third World Countries. There are people in Third World Countries who can’t afford underwear and are uneducated about hygiene. They have more risks of illness and disease from not wearing underwear.

There is also a programmed called Project Underwear. They collect new and gently used underwear and distribute them to poor children in Third World Countries.

If they are natural fibers like 100% cotton, then you could cut off the elastic and put it in your “browns” compost bin.

So, next time you have a pile of old underwear, please consider using some for rags, donating, composting, or be creative in reusing. Whatever you do, please keep them out of landfills.


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